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    Default SRK gets a taste of Twitter bashing…

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    Shah Rukh Khan, till recently a regular Twitter user who readily shared his inner thoughts with fans, quit the social networking site after his son read some abusive tweets directed at Shah Rukh.

    Shah Rukh says the abusive tweets wouldn’t have bothered him but for the fact that he now has children and employees that look up to him.

    “I have two kids who are growing up very fast. They look up to me. I have my employees who also look up to me,” he says.

    Speaking to the press during a break between rehearsals for the Zee Cine Awards in Singapore, Shah Rukh explained that he took to Twitter at the suggestion of pal Karan Johar.

    “But then something happened recently, which broke my heart. I was left wondering as to why I was being subjected to all this,” he said.

    “Everybody’s entitled to freedom of speech but posting gaalis and abusive words is another matter. I certainly don’t deserve it. My son (Aryan) came to know about one such case and asked me, ‘Dad, who are these people? Why on earth should they talk to you like that?’ That’s when I decided to take a break from it.”

    After a break, Shah Rukh tried to resume his Twitter interactions, but the faceless abusers quickly returned.

    “When something bad is written about me, at least I know who’s behind it,but these (on Twitter) are faceless and nameless people. They are just getting a kick by giving gaalis to Shah Rukh Khan, I’m bewildered by all this,” he says
    ...being a human...



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