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    Default Urvashi Dholakia and Anuj Sachdeva

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    The latest couple story doing the rounds in TellyLand is that of Urvashi Dholakia and Anuj Sachdeva. Though this bit of unconfirmed news has been heard of since quite some time it has once again gathered momentum as the couple was recently spotted having a whale of a time in Goa. A source who saw them informs us that Urvashi and Anuj were at the seaside holiday destination and were apparently having a good time.

    A source says,"The couple have been seeing each other for quite some time now. Anuj is a thorough gentleman and Urvashi is very lucky to have found him. However the couple is not ready to come clean due to family issues."

    This set tongues wagging again and it is now suggested that the couple is allegedly in a relationship. TellyChakkar called up the Urvashi and Anuj to know the facts.

    “Yes, we did go to Goa but we were part of a large group,” confesses Urvashi. “In fact half of Mumbai was in Goa then. We were there as a common friend had opened a restaurant in Goa and we went there for the opening. I had gone through tremendous stress in my personal life and needed to relax. So when I got invited for this event I agreed to go there. Strangely I have often been spotted with lots of people and nothing has ever been written. But now people are questioning me about this one. All I can say is that Anuj and I are good friends and I respect him

    tremendously. I have gone through a turbulent phase in my life recently and he has stood like a rock beside me. When my father was in coma he was there by my side all the while and I respect him for that. So obviously there is a bond. But I don’t want a relationship that stems from sympathy. Besides I have tremendous respect for my family. I don’t want to do anything that can upset my kids. Also Anuj is relatively new in the industry and I have been around since a long time. All I can say is we share a good rapport but for the moment our relationship has no name.”

    So are you dating him or are you not? “I don’t feel the need to answer this. In fact I am very uncomfortable answering at this point of time,” Urvashi states. Confirming that they were together in Goa Anuj adds, “Yes, we were in Goa together as a common friend had opened a pub at Baga Beach and we were both invited. Urvashi and I know each other since quite some time now. In fact I even know her family and had met her father a couple of times before he passed away. As regards whether we are a couple all I will say is that we are very good friends. My family is in Delhi and I am alone in Mumbai. Though I do know a few people here she is one of my closest friends.”

    So are you friends with her kids as well? “I am very fond of her kids and we get together and often play video games together,” Anuj informs. It’s a sense of déjà vu with this one too and we hope that when the relationship status changes we will be the first to know.
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