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    Default Cure for acidity

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    Acidity, it is said, is worse than Cancer. It is one of the most common dis-ease people encounter in their daily life. The home remedy for Acidity is Raw Grains of Rice.

    The Process:

    1. Take 8 - 10 grains of raw uncooked rice

    2. Swallow it with water before having your breakfast or eating anything in the morning

    3. Do this for 21 days to see effective results and continuously for 3 months to eliminate acidity from the body

    The Cure:

    Reduces acid levels in the body and makes you feel better by the day.
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    wow this is really a helpful information for desi people
    especially the people eats spicy food all day and skips break fast lol
    thanks billy
    sorry dude .... Hash



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