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    Default Sonakshi Bonds Salman, Shah Rukh?

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    Guess what, the Khans are together. Shah Rukh and Salman, that is. Absolutely, side by side. Hah, gotcha! In frames that is, clicked by celeb foto genius Dabboo Ratnani, no less.

    Hopes of seeing the Khans together in the future might possibly be restricted to this round of proximity. Dabboo Ratnani held a recent exhibition of the frozen images clicked by him and star attendance, expectedly was in no deficit.

    The latest hot shot: Sonakshi Sinha zoomed into the DB exhibition looking rather dishy in her white ensemble. And in a dramatic twist that's likely to soar up the photo value of the snap… she posed exactly in the middle… flanked by SRK on one hand and mentor Salman on the other!

    Incidentally, SRK's "patch up moves" on Karan Johar's chat show have gotten the (star) goat of Salman. The explosive Khan is all set to lose his shirt some more, over SRK's comments.

    "If he really wanted us to patch up, he could have called me or come to my house," rants Salman in a tabloid chat. "Expressing regret on a chat show makes no difference to me. Shah Rukh's doing this so that I'm hounded by the media over his question for the next one year. I'll not accept such drama."

    Senorita Sinha, meanwhile, can beam some more.

    Guess, she's merely clicking success…



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