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    Default Concept: Sony Nextep Wearable Computer

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    While many devices already provide us with pretty good mobile computing options, we’re always happy to dream about newer and more powerful gadgets. The Sony Nextep Computer concept is one such design. It’s designed to be worn as a bracelet/watch and sports a flexible OLED touchscreen display, holographic projector and a pull-out keyboard to allow you to churn out those emails at a speedy pace. The design envisions it to be ready by the year 2020, but do you think that we’ll see such a device in 10-year’s time?
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    it is da touch generation
    maybe more by 2020...who knows
    yesh touch thing wiill go more bigger
    sorry dude .... Hash

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    cool,cool i m gona get this bracelet in 2020 if i m alive

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