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    Cool One on One with Killer second episode2- Falak aka ♥★Gσѕѕιρ~Ğιяℓ★♥

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    Helloo everyone hope u all fine nd enjoying ur cold holidays. okay lets talk about todays episode today we have really special guest in our show.
    MY todays guest doesn't really need an introduction Friends ke Friend nd dusmano ke dusman One nd the Only one Falak (♥★Gσѕѕιρ~Ğιяℓ★♥ )

    Director: And u do this sumit's banana's dance again u be out of the show
    Killer: ohk fine i will not use that banana anymore

    Killer: soo ya everyone lets give her a warm welcome to one of the dr founder Falak.

    Falak: Can i have orange juice plz ?

    Killer: oops, SRY founder we r on live show now i cant get u juice but if u want i have one banana in my pocket

    Falak: I dont like banana Give ur banana to sumit

    Killer: ya that also can be good i will give banana to Sumit
    But lets cut to the chase lets being my questions

    Falak: ya hurry up i m going to drink orange juice after the show

    Killer: So did u join DR when it started or u joined later on?

    Falak: I joined when it started cuz itz my broz website

    Killer: Wow how nice
    Would u like to tell my viewers about ur personal life if u dont mind ?

    Falak: I go to college first yr n wrk I have the kewlest job ever I can do anything I want to go online watch movies read books n etc.

    Killer: ohh very nice now a one serious question

    Falak: OK

    Killer: R U SINGLE ??

    Falak: Yes I M nd not ready to mingle

    Killer: okk nice
    How many boys did u dated in past ? only if u want to answer it

    Falak: none I don’t lyk to drag myself in relationship dramas I am a free spirit

    Killer: NONE
    now one last question about ur personal life Would u like to tell us ur age ??

    Falak: turned 19 in dec y r u askin me this?ur not frm so chyllex

    Killer: lol this question was actually copied frm Prince show even i didnt really get y he was asking girls about the age by the way is not a bad idea should try it

    Falak: U will be flop in that business

    Killer: ohk i will have to find something else then !
    Falaky if u have to make one dr member a founder who would u choose ?? nd y?

    Falak: I wuld choose my gud frnd bidz or peachy cuz they r awesum

    Killer: thats really sweet, one thing u like about dr, nd one thing u dislike in dr ?

    Falak: one think tht I lyk dR is hmmm lol huhhh hmmm lol I lyk to make fun of nida jk watching shows I love the HQ links….. dislyk hmmmm when ppl fight without a reason

    Killer: nida is a entertainer of dr
    Anyways lets move to my next question Good boy of dr according to u ? MEMEMEM

    Falak: Abhi for sure

    Killer: okk fine i m not also tht bad
    ND a Bad Boy ?

    Falak: hmmm lol himen

    Killer: i m bad i hvent done anything wrong from long time
    NOW name a one person or one thing that u dont want to see in Dr ? nd y?

    Falak: hahahaha! Nidaaaaa jk y cuz shes very unique n I cant understand her language sumtimes JK one thing tht i hate hmmmm honestly I don’t realli care lol as long as u don’t mess wid me am gud

    Killer: ohh i m all gud
    Founder of all session according to u ? Dont give ur nme

    Falak: Solution24, dR boy and Abhi

    Killer: now the best question of the show
    If u woke up at one morning nd u find out tht ur turn into nida what would do?

    Falak: this is the best question agreed .
    I wuld post in dR lyk crazy and tlk lyk this I n””a””m””e I””s”” n””I””d””a k””h”””a””n if I cant get myself back to normal me then I will kill myself and drown all of nidaz fresh out the boat business

    Killer: cnt stop laughing ohk next question !
    If Ajab Pream ke gajab kahni would re-make nd u will have to cast the characters but it has to be from DR ? who would u choose as Ranbir kapoor's character nd katrina's ? nd y?

    Falak: hmmm I wuld choose Abhi as Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina can stay cuz abhi loves her lol thtz y

    Killer: Wow good girl u answered really well ! Now my next Round called Only ONE option!

    Falak: ohk i m ready

    Killer: all u have to do in this round is choose a one option from following

    Hash or Solu

    SB or forum games

    DDLJ or kucch kucch

    Sonam or rani

    Hash or Rahul better radio host?
    Hmmm rahul

    Holly or bolly
    Hmmm depends both

    Thapped ya payar ?
    hmm don’t realli care lol

    Killer: wow ur going good now next round is called straight talking no bakwass
    Now person that come to ur mind when i say following word ?

    Falak: ohk i m ready lets go

    Dabbang of DR? myself cuz I can burn any1 I am pretty straight forward and mehran maybe

    Psycho- hash lol

    King -Solu cuz he owns dR

    Rude -hmm honestly to me I guess none

    Sweet- Bidz, Peachy and GGG

    Hard worker- dR Billy

    Dev Daas- Nida I have a reason cuz himen u my frnd kicked her out the curb her phela pyaar !

    Killer: ohk nice now my fav round called Socha Na tha i love this round

    Describe the following person in single word ! u can also use smiles if u dont want to say anything about tht person !

    Solution –kewl

    Dr boy- secret boy

    Bidz- sweetheart

    Prince- weird lol

    Nida- undefined unknown species

    Hash- hmmm lol nyce maybe

    GGG- cutie

    Killer: WOW Nice ohk now its time to finish Falak thanks for coming now u can go nd buy ur self a juice

    Now pips plzzz give a name of the person for next episode that u want see cya everyone happy new year
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    why am i wired

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    its weird not wired gr8 show saga

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    υηιтє∂ ѕтαтєѕ


    Quote Originally Posted by PriNce View Post
    why am i wired
    lolzzzz u mean weird

    awwwwwwwwww that wazz shoooo kewl sisii ur a sweetheart n good job kinggyy

    Ɩ σиcɛ нα∂ α нɛαят...
    ιт ωαƨ тяʋɛ...
    иσω ιт'ƨ ɢσиɛ ғяσм мɛ тσ ʏσʋ...
    ƨσ тακɛ cαяɛ σғ ιт...
    αƨ Ɩ нαʌɛ ∂σиɛ...
    иσω ʏσʋ нαʌɛ тωσ αи∂ Ɩ нαʌɛ иσиɛ.

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    Can you guys plzzz give a nme for next episode nd thnks for liking

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    cool one..
    nice job..

    next may be..bitter sweet emi....
    ...being a human...

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    good work much better then the first one .. maybe cuz half the crap in first one was only sense able to a fob

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    awesomeeeeeeeeee falkyyyyyyyyyy

    αм ι тнє σηє αη∂ σηℓу?
    υz уσυ'яє тнє σηℓу σηє
    ιт єℓт ѕσ ℓσηg αη∂ ℓσηℓєу
    ωαιтιηg σя
    уσυ тσ σмє

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    awww falkuu .... very nycely answered

    n nxt name emmm.... abhi , solu or bittersweet


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    good episode...maybe a another founder next episode
    sorry dude .... Hash

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    if only mehran stays funny and not get serious then him for next one

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    Quote Originally Posted by нαsн View Post
    if only mehran stays funny and not get serious then him for next one
    when i was serious about anythng hash? lol
    sure its me
    sorry dude .... Hash

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    lol at nid"a Kh"an

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    yaah that was good good work himen
    keep it up



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