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    Default Top 5 Most Expensive Fashion Sunglasses in the World

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    Top 5 Most Expensive Fashion Sunglasses in the World

    As You want to go for the sunshine, I guess you should remember to bring your sunglasses. Itís a must have accessories when you go to the beach. Bring your fashion sunglasses is a good idea as well since you will look better with that. But I guess you will think twice to spend your money for these most expensive sunglasses. These expensive sunglasses will make you looks rich of course icon smile Top 5 Most Expensive Fashion Sunglasses in the World

    5. Evasion by Louis Vuitton, $1,200

    These sunglasses from Louis Vuitton are made of solid, lightweight titanium. The lenses made of nylon that contain 100% UV protection. They has a folding hinges at both of the arms and the bridge. It has LVís classic Damier pattern on the frame perfect for anyone who has a true sense of style. I guess you can compare this model with Oliver Peoples Zooey sunglasses in the lower price.

    Louis Vuitton Sunglasses

    4. Chrome Hearts, Kufannaw II, $1,350

    These stylish sunglasses made with a high-end silver jewelry design. You should imagine that this one is hand-made. Itís undoubtedly will attract attention of everyone where ever worn. The quality of the craftsmanship is excellent. You can be sexier using this sunglasses of course. If you donít have any budget to buy this one, you can look for the lower price one with excellent quality by buying a Oliver Peoples sunglasses one.

    Chrome Heart Kufannaw II

    3. Moss Lipow, $3,800

    Several person like to go classic and bold when theyíre choosing their sunglasses. Moss Lipow is one of that type sunglasses designer. one of its sunglasses is made with an ostrich and alligator leather frame. And I guess there are a number of persons that want to pay $3800 for this kind of sunglasses.

    Moss Lipow

    2. Style 23, $65,000

    Precious metal is not limited to jewelry. I guess you will agree when you notice that this sunglasses is made of genuine 18-karat yellow gold with ivory buffalo horn temples, and accessorize with 132 hand-cut diamonds with a total of 3.45 carats in weight. With all of those features, I guess the rich doesnít think that $65,000 is an expensive price.

    Style 23

    1. D&G, $386,609

    This D&G luxury sunglasses is designed to be clean as a whistle water in a surprising price of $383,609. What you can expect for that price? These brown-tinted shades of the sunglasses are framed in gold, it also has the D&G famous logo on both arms which patterned in diamonds. What can be expected more than this expensive sunglasses?


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