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    Default Top 10 bollywood controversies of this year -2010

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    Top 10 Bollywood 'chatpata' controversies which made sure that our lives became more interesting this year...

    Ranbir Kapoor Vs Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor

    Love birds Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor broke up and it opened up the pandora's box. Deepika along with Sonam Kapoor (who was allegedly jilted by the beta of Kapoor Khandan earlier) joined forces and ripped the boy apart, in the name of jest, in Karan Johar's show, 'Koffee with Karan'. All said in jest and humour but papa Rishi Kapoor took it to heart. He has unofficially declared that Ranbir will not be working with Deepika or Sonam for at least a while. Next, Sonam's papa Anil Kapoor jumped into the boxing arena by saying, it's silly of Rishi to take such petty fights so seriously. Now that the papas have got involved, doesn't look like this controversy will die soon.

    Salman Khan Vs Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Hrithik
    This is recent. A tabloid reported that the mischievous Khan at an event made fun of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film, 'Guzaarish'. 'Usme machchar udti hai par koi makkhi bhi nahin gaya dekhne...' he is reported to have said, apart from other things. While Bhansali sulked, Hrithik took up the cudgels and chided Salman for not being too graceful.

    Yana Gupta Vs Panties
    Yana Gupta, a model turned item girl re-appeared on the scene (after a brief disappearance) with a bang. The girl simply "chose" to go commando and the shutterbugs had a field day. Her lame justification was that she was taking part in a dance reality show and the panties were uncomfortable while dancing. She took them off, and was trying to pull her dress down when the photographers swooped down on her.

    Dolly Bindra Vs the entire Bigg Boss house
    When small time actress Dolly Bindra entered the Bigg Boss house, all hell broke loose. The woman, with the help of her lousy mouth and ready will to pick fights, created a furore that found most people talking about it. A fight between Samir Soni and her got Bigg Boss evicting both. The duo is back in the house, but Dolly is in a new demure, boring avatar.

    Rakhi Sawant's "abetment" to suicide
    Those who have watched the show 'Rakhi Ka Insaaf', would agree that it is a free-for-all slug-fest. But a sensitive soul, Laksham Prasad, seemingly took Rakhi calling him 'napunsak' (impotent) to heart and committed suicide. The last we heard there was a case filed against Sawant.

    Shobhaa De vs Punit Malhotra and Sonam Kapoor
    Celebrated columnist Shobhaa De didn't like debut director Punit Malhotra's film 'I Hate Luv Storys' and said in her column that he needs to be spanked. Punit straight took her on and tweeted, "Guys please don't take Shobhaa De seriously. She is a fossil going through menopause. She doesn't get action."

    Sonam Kapoor, who played in the said film jumped into the fray and re-tweeted Punit's tweet. De, enraged by this, wrote in her column that Sonam doesn't show signs of decent upbringing. Soon after, Sonam (apparently at the behest of dad Anil Kapoor) sent an apology tweet to De, saying "I am ashamed for my momentary lapse of judgement. Every writer, journalist and audience is entitled to her opinion and I respect that."

    When glamour went out of IPL
    It came as a big shock to Bollywood beauties Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta when their respective IPL teams, 'Rajasthan Royals' and 'Punjab Kings XI' was terminated. The two teams apparently had breached their IPL contracts, and it was suspected that the former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi has had financial interest in both the teams. The actresses have taken the case to court.

    SRK Vs Shiv Sena
    Looks like this is the year that Shiv Sena decided to take on none other than the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan himself. Earlier in the year, they objected to him sympathising with the Pakistani cricket players not being included in the IPL teams. They had threatened to vandalise 'My Name Is Khan', a SRK movie which was up for release at that time. Recently, Sena took on SRK again when there were reports of the probability of him giving a stage performance in Bangladesh.

    Bollywood Vs Hollywood
    Finally Hollywood woke up to the plagiarism that Bollywood has been indulging in for years. The makers of 'Phone Booth' took a serious interest in Irrfan Khan- Sanjay Dutt starrer 'Knock Out' as they felt the story is a straight lift from their film. The producers of 'Knock Out' had to pay the studio 1.5 crores as damages. Karan Johar proved to be wiser as he officially took rights of 'Stepmom' to remake it into 'We Are Family'.

    Aamir Khan Vs Chetan Bhagat
    This is a controversy which started late last year with the release of '3 Idiots' and spilled on to early this year. Bhagat had accused the producers of film, Vidhu Vinod Chopra of having lifted the entire story from his novel, 'Five Point Someone', and not giving him proper credits or payments. Aamir Khan, the lead actor of the film, had retaliated by saying 'Chetan is trying to take away the credit from the film's writer, Abhijat Joshi'. Chopra, director RajKumar Hirani and Khan had even called for a press conference to clear their stand. The controversy died a natural death after Bhagat sheepishly apologised to Khan.
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