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    Default I won’t dress like Rahul Gandhi: Rahul

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    Rahul Mahajan, who's set for two more reality shows, is aiming for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections to catapult himself into his late father, Pramod Mahajan's shoes. After becoming a household name through reality TV – for better or for worse – Rahul says building his "political legacy" his next on his agenda.

    "When I get inside the Parliament, I'll still wear jeans and shirts. I don't believe in looking like someone else just because you have an 'image' of a politician to live up to. I don't care what the other Rahul wears, this Rahul will never wear the kurta pyjama when he becomes politically active," says Rahul. Alternating between the image of wife basher and 'the eligible bachelor' in "Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega", Rahul's now pitching for a political image. "I have all the plans in place to contest the 2014 Lok Sabha elections from my father's constituency. And of course, I will contest with my father's party (the BJP)."

    For this reality TV 'star', the most imminent reality is that of politics, a role he feels he will excel at, better than most others his age. "Politics is not a job where you can go from 9 to 5pm, and order a cold drink. One has to work for the people. I think I fit the bill because I am connected with people. Despite my father's long innings, I don't think I've inherited a legacy, because in politics, every individual has to create his own legacy."

    With so many controversies surrounding him, is it possible for Rahul to project a likable image to woo the masses? "If people didn't like me, how would thousands of women across the nation apply to be my wife in "Swayamvar"? As for controversies, who doesn't have them around these days? You can love me or hate me, but you can't ignore me," Rahul shoots back, and then defends reality shows, saying, "Look around you today, reality shows abound. Why? Because people want to watch them. Life is reality, as mirrored by these shows. But whatever my image is, I know that in my mind, I function with a self regulation button. No one should cross that. That's why, jab Rahul kisi show mein hota hai toh beep karne ki zaroorat nahin hoti. Everybody on a reality show should understand that 20 din woh TV pe rahenge, phir toh baaki zindagi bahar hi guzarni hai. Hypocrisy is built into the fabric of society today. What is the point of shifting timings for reality shows to 11pm, when in your 7pm news, you air grabs from that show?"

    And the hiccup in his married life with Dimpy – with her alleging that he beat her up – was that part of created controversy too? "See, I have seen a lot in life. But now, things are great between me and Dimpy. In fact, we recently returned from our second honeymoon in Kovalam. Ab shaadi ki hai to nibhao." Well Rahul, that might be in the past, but now we hope that all the women who came forward to marry you, vote for you too!



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