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    Default Will Solution24 post anymore episodes of TNA Xplosion?

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    I noticed during October that Solution24 uploaded episodes of TNA Xplosion but sadly not during November. I was just wondering if Solution24 would be kind enough to continue posting full episodes of TNA Xplosion?

    There are several other users like for instance Dj.IcE and ashishashu92 that are posting links to Xplosion but those are sadly not always full episodes. They are usually only missing the replays from Reaction, but it's a bit annoying to not know what you're missing. The last couple of weeks only4stories has been posting links to full episodes which of course I appreciate but sadly there are no download links included.

    I'm of course very thankful for the links from the above mentioned users, and for all the other user who provide wrestling for all of us.

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    NIGHTcrawler i would update tna xplosion download links iff available or if u say so i can convert youtube videos links in download links which u like or not i dont know.. tna xplosion is not famous as other shows so thats why there are less uploader for tna xplosion . i will try my best

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    sorry NC86 been busy with life for past couple of months will try to do tna explosion episodes starting next week

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    Thanks a lot to both of you!



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