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    Default Duplicates of Bollywood Celebrities !! Amazing!

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    Sneha Ullal, who made her debut opposite Salman Khan in Lucky: No Time for Love, keeps insisting that she is not an Aishwarya Rai clone, not many are ready to believe her.

    Zarine looks strikingly similar to Sallu's girlfriend Katrina.

    This picture clearly indicates why Preity Zinta is referred to as the 'Drew Barrymore' of Bollywood.

    Anoushka Sharma's resemblance to the famous Pakistani singer Nazia Hassan.

    Mumbai model Gunjan Bakshi looks a lot like ex-Miss World and actress Priyanka Chopra.

    Bipasha Basu also took on her double - calling Needhi Gill a C-grade actress.

    Rakhi Sawant and Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe are sisters separated at Kumbh ka mela.

    Hrishita Bhatt really an Alyssa Milano clone.

    Aamir Khan and Tom Hanks - two men bound together by much more than just their insanely good looks.

    Shiney Ahuja & Edgar Ramirez Arellano is a Venezuelan actor is looks same.

    Their names start with the same letter, they both hail from a family of film professionals, they both are actors, they both are good dancers and they both look the same.



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