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    Default Rakhi Sawant in trouble; channel denies charges..

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    Lakshman's family now targets Rakhi Sawant and claims that her harsh words said to him during the show, are responsible for his untimely death..

    Rakhi Sawant is yet again in the headlines as she has apparently been held responsible for the unfortunate death of the 24 year old Lakshman Prasad, who was seen in the Imagine show Rakhi Ka Insaaf in the very second episode!!

    The case that was put before Rakhi in the very episode was that Lakshman had forced his wife to sleep with his uncle for money. Rakhi while giving out her 'Insaaf' had called the guy an 'Impotent' (namard), which apparently had hurt the young man a lot.

    The latest is that the 24 year old from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh died recently, and his family claims that Rakhi is responsible for the death, as the fellow was so upset over her remarks that he literally stopped eating and had gotten frail.

    Lakshman's mother has reported in the media that her son was so sad on being termed 'impotent' that he stopped meeting outsiders and went into severe depression. He even stopped consuming food and had become weak and frail which lead to his death.

    We tried contacting Rakhi Sawant, but could not get thro' to her.

    However, Imagine issued a statement saying, "From what we have gathered, Lakshman came back home yesterday quite drunk and fell sick shortly afterwards. He was admitted into hospital and passed away soon after. There has been no case of suicide/FIR registered by the local police or the hospital, which would be mandatory in a case of suicide. The hospital released the body to the family and he was cremated the very same day".

    Whatever the reason maybe, we express our condolences to the family of the young guy!!

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    omg I'm speechless



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