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    Default Gregorian - The Dark Side Of The Chant (2010)

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    1. O Fortuna (Carl Orff) (The Ring Interlude)
    2. Stripped (Depeche Mode) (The Others Interlude)
    3. All I Need (Within Temptation) (The 6th Sense Interlude)
    4. Hells Bells (AC/DC) (The Exorcist Interlude)
    5. Born To Feel Alive (Unheilig) (The Fog Interlude)
    6. Morning Dew (Nazareth) (Elm Street Interlude)
    7. My Heart Is Burning (Gregorian) (Shining Interlude)
    8. Bring Me To Life (Evanescence) (Twilight Interlude)
    9. Dark Side (Gregorian) (Death In Venice Interlude)
    10. Frozen (Madonna) (Sleepy Hollow Interlude)
    11. Black Wings (Gregorian) (Angel Heart Interlude)
    12. Lucifer (The Alan Parsons Project) (The Omen Interlude)
    13. Dark Angel (Die Gesellschaft Der Schwarzen Orchidee)


    Code: - The Dark Side Of The Chant (2010)



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