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    Default Aamir Declares Imran Bloody Good!

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    Channel bytes and their fun never seem to end. Whacky queries to stars may be met with inane responses, if the star concerned is lacking in wit or presence of mind. And yet there are others, who won't dash off a reply to Press sorts... but will think / ponder/ deliberate/ decide/ consider/ whatever... before a response escapes their celeb lips.

    Aamir Khan, for instance, is known to politely bat completely imbecilic questions from the media, at times( trust me, there's little dearth of those, truly!) and he does come up with thoughtful replies after a great deal of deliberation…even if the question happens to be …a rather bloody one!

    Case in point: At a recent topline newspaper party, Khan was quizzed about which actor would make the best 'Dracula'. Chucking away any chances of his own name being up for it ("Me? I'm too scared of skulls and skeletons"…AK pondered a while and declared, "I think Imran will make a good Dracula with his thick arched eyebrows. Besides, Dracula needs to be charming and good looking and Imran is."
    Guess, Imran's 'bloody' good, eh?



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