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    Default Oxford Learners Thesaurus Pack : A Dictionary of Synonyms

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    Oxford Learners Thesaurus Pack : A Dictionary of Synonyms (Ebook & CDRom)
    Oxford | 2008 | 420 pages | PDF MP3 | 340 MB

    A learner's thesaurus of over 15,000 words and expressions from written and spoken British and American English with CD-ROM. The learner's thesaurus helps students distinguish between similar words and use them correctly.

    The 2,000 entries: – include between three and ten near synonyms, showing the differences between them in terms of meaning, grammar, register, collocations, and frequency; – help students understand the differences between familiar words, such as easy and simple, while learning expressions they may not know, such as effortless, painless, and smooth sailing; – provide over 4,000 notes to enable students to distinguish between very close synonyms, choose the best word for the context, and use it correctly; and – include over 2,000 opposites.

    The Oxford Learner's Thesaurus also includes: – 16 study pages, focusing on specific topics with exam-style exercises; – 8-page trainer on making the best use of the Thesaurus; and – a CD-ROM of the complete Oxford Learner's Thesaurus A-Z pages and indexes, and over 200 practice exercises.




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