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    Default Sonam: 'I collect old clothes coz' of their history; love History as subject!'

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    A fashionista was espousing the cause of… knowledge. And with equal fervour, at that. At the unveiling event of the first copy of the BBC Knowledge Magazine, Sonam Kapoor held court, rather knowledgeably… and reeled off her responses to the scribe tribe.

    "India is a curious and logical country," she said. "That explains why we are so good at Maths and Science. I personally love Science and History, because it deals with the past. I collect old clothes and many of my friends make fun of me for this habit of mine. But I do it because each of them has a history attached to it."

    Added Sonam sagely, "Wisdom comes from knowledge though incomplete knowledge can be dangerous. On my part, I like to be personally very aware of all that is happening around me. What I love about the BBC Knowledge Magazine is that it gives us so much information but it's not at all in a text bookish manner. Rather, it's such fun to read it and learn about it too at the same time. I would heartily recommend it. I'd rather take the BBC Knowledge Magazine with me wherever I go, instead of some trashy romantic novel."



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