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    Thumbs up Ackee and Saltfish (Jamiac national dish)

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    salted cod/baccalo...can be bought in most supermarkets now or in Caribbean and Latin neighborhoods.

    2 stalks escallion(scallion) chopped
    1 medium onion course chopped
    1 bell/sweet pepper course chopped
    2 chopped tomatoes (small ones--not cherry)
    1 tbsp vegetable oil
    4 sprigs of fresh thyme
    1 can of ackees...if you are cooking for more than 4, use 2 cans.


    Bring codfish to a boil 3 times(change water as soon as it boils...I do it this way) to remove excess salt, remove skin and bones(better to get the boneless baccalao, less work), and shred coarsely.

    Heat oil and fry onion, escallion, pepper, tomato until translucent....leave a little of each to "re-season" the dish at the end.

    Add codfish and stir quickly until browned.

    Add remaining ingredients and simmer for 15 mins.

    Strain ackees and add to codfish mixture.

    Re-season the pot, after tasting it, with remaining onions/peppers/tomato, black pepper, season salt, adobo, and any of your favorite seasoning.

    Pay real attention to not over salt the pot, because the baccalao will still have some salt content.

    Stir gently until ackee is thoroughly heated.

    this dish is great with boil green bananas(can be boiled in the skin, but if you have an old Jamaican in-law, don't let them see you do this...hahaha), yellow yam, and boil dumplings(flour or a cornmeal and flour combo og 1 to 3 ratio).

    I usually boil the saltfish(removing it after the first boil) in the same water as the bananas, yam and dumpling to season them. Also, we usually drink the "pot water" for the nutritional content...and they say it gives you "stamina" Caribbean brothers and sisters now what I mean.

    This dish is usually served for a weekend type breakfast, but can be served anytime of the day. Great with a glass of lemonade, the "pot water", tea, coffee or a tall glass of water.

    this is a stick to the ribs type meal that can be prepared in about an hour or less....



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