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    Russian Woman Built A House Out Of Bottles
    The glass bottle house built by Olga Queen,
    from Novoshakhtinsk, Russia is a fine addition
    to our hefty collection of glass bottle architecture,
    which already includes various bottle houses and
    a unique bottle temple. In an effort to build
    herself a house out of cheap and environment-friendly
    materials, Olga Queen spent six months collecting
    glass bottles, around her home town of Novoshakhtinsk.
    She managed to gather around 5,000 of them,
    which proved enough to build her very own little dream
    house. Using some wood for the framework
    and concrete to fix the bottles in place, she manged
    to finish construction and is now ready to move in.
    Glass might not seem like the right material to
    use when building a house, especially in a place
    like Russia, but the air trapped in the bottles
    actually provides great insulation. Well just see
    if Olga makes it through the winter in her little
    glass home.

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