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    A man ws leaving a cafe wen he noticed an unusual funeral. A coffin ws followed by a 2nd one. Behind the 2nd coffin ws a solitary man walking wid a black dog.
    Behind him ws a queue of 200 men walking in a str8 line.

    The man couldn't stand his curiosity.He approached d man walking with the dog,"Im sorry 2 disturb u,bt I've never seen a funeral lik dis wid so many walking in a str8 line. Who's funeral is it?"

    He replied,"dat 1st coffin is 4 my wife".

    Man : "Wat happend 2 her?"

    He replied : "My dog attackd n killed her"

    Man : "The 2nd coffin?"

    He replied : "Its my mother-in-law's. She ws trying 2 help my wife wen d dog attackd n killed her also"

    A thoughtful moment of silence passes between the 2 men. Then the 1st man asks in excitement "Can I borrow d dog?"

    The man replies " Please join the Queue dude "..
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