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    Cast: Ajay Devgan, Kajol, Karan Khanna, Isha Sharwani et al
    Director: Ajay Devgan
    Producer: Ajay Devgan
    Genre: Romance

    A blushing Kajol. A mischievous Ajay Devgan. An evergreen romance!
    The first time 'Ajay' saw 'Pia', she served him drinks. She affected him more than the alcohol, and he found true love. He was a leading psychiatrist, but she messed up his mind.
    The first time 'Pia' saw 'Ajay', he had too much to drink. She watched him make a fool of himself, and was relieved when he passed out. She was a woman who followed her heart, but despite his claims of true love, she had made up her mind.Thus begins the story of Ajay (Ajay Devgan) and Pia (Kajol). A love story, that begins at sea on a cruise liner!!

    Technical specs:
    Source: NTSC R1 DVD9
    Runtime 2 hrs 42 mins 35 secs
    Framerate: 23.976 fps
    Disks: 02
    CD1 Size: 699.37MB
    CD2 Size: 700.14MB
    Video codec: XviD
    Video bitrate: 1076kbps
    Audi bitrate: 118kbps MP3 VBR
    Container: .AVI

    CD 1  
    CD 2 



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