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    Default James Bond is very good...

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    It is interesting to see character development. Sean Connery began with a 60s style symbolizing freshness. 70 80 007 Roger Moore was still fresh, but more comical and the development of increasingly below campiness of the 70s. I think they go too far in the direction of comedy at that time and has reached the bottom of the entire series in Octo***** James Bond when seen from one vineyard to the Tarzan yell. Then came the two episodes of Timothy Dalton, who came back (thankfully) to a more serious tone, since Licence To Kill criticized by some as serious. But I found a better Moore flicks. The four films Brosnan are all very good. The kit also includes the 2006 release of Casino Royale with Daniel Craig, who I think has the potential to be the best 007 of all.
    So are the movies and 21 discs for each film is a separate disc of special features, for a total of 42 discs. I saw some of the special features - I was so impatient to see the films themselves, but it seemed at least briefly each of them. What I saw looked good, and I am eager to return to a time and watch them. I'm watching brief featurette 4 or 5 minutes for each movie in the local "exotic" which was fimed - those that have been well good. There is also a small separate booklet for each of 21 films, which contain all sorts of useful and interesting. I recommend this series to all fans of James Bond. One caveat - they are about to start releasing movies on Blu-Ray Bond, if you're in you can check and wait a while.Of course,if there are some good DVDs about James Bond.I will buy them.I can put them there and I will see them when I have time.I think it's nice.Yeah!
    True Blood DVD 1-2
    James Bond DVD
    The Office DVD 1-6
    Bones DVD 1-5

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    James Bond's series is my favorite movie series. i liked all its parts but the favorite is Casino Royal..



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