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    Default Rahman's CWG Anthem gets thumbs down from fans and organisers

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    Enough has been said about the Common Wealth Games this year to be held in Delhi. Right from corruption to shady jobs and sportsmen backing out, many hurdles have come in the organising of the whole show. However, one thing that everyone was positively looking forward to was the motivational and energetic Common Wealth Theme song to be composed by the revered A R Rahman.

    The conference where the song was to be launched, well, didn't have the song but the details about it. The reason was that back then the CWG committee wanted the song to be tweaked and releasing it without the necessary changes would've been foolhardy. Despite all this, everyone was expecting a highly inspiring anthem from Rahman, given his current status in world music.

    Some supporters feel that the song will grow on people and with enough marketing people will like it, while some others feel that the lyrics lack the punch, still others from the music industry are of the opinion that with a wide range of Indian instruments that Rahman could've used, his song lacks Indian-ness and the sporting spirit of this event.

    Though Rahman's die hard fans stand by him and insist that listening to this song over and over again would help and some others demand for a whole new song, one really wonders if any damage control can be done when we're so close to the Common Wealth Games.
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