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    Cool The Message - Story of Islam | 1976 | DVDRip | Xvid

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    his film is about how Islam began from the beginning untilits establishment. Anthony Quinn stars as the uncle of ProphetMohammed (p.b.u.h) Hamza who is the leader of an army of a fewloyal men against an army of thousands. The film is not aboutoffence but about defence and ends with peaceful armed less walkinto the city of Mecca after many years of suffering.This film explains how the Prophet Mohammed start his message witha few men and eventually gaining thousands and as you can see todaymillions. The film talks about the establishment the spread of Godsmessage and the story of the men who had to give away there lives forthe sake of Gods words including the sacrifices that are made isthe death of Hamza (Anthony Quinn).If you are a muslim, you must see this, if you are interested in Islam,you must see this, and all others should still see this. It's an experienceof a lifetime! It shows the true meaning of Islam, its roots, its basic beliefs,and so much more... When I first saw this film, it left me in tears and speechlessfor quite some time after. When I watch it today, it still does! I don't believeanyone can watch this film and not become moved or even shaken by what he/shesees and hears! If the movie has one shortcoming, it's that the main character,prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), is never actually seen or heard, as it wouldhave been a deadly sin to have an 'imposter' playing Him in the movie. Althoughthis takes some getting used to and creates some lengths (i.e. dialogs which arerather more monologues with pauses), the rest of the movie compensates in full!Watching this movie will probably not make you go out to become amuslim (although I have read that most of the cast/crew involved did so),but certainly put some thought and understanding into you. One ofthe must see movies or all time!!!

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    i was luking for dis


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    thanks alot for sharing!



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