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    Default Any suggestions for how to include more protein?

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    My three-year-old loves to eat bread, crackers, cookies, pasta and isn't big on protein. Is this a concern at his age? Any suggestions for how to include more protein?

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    it's very common for young children to dislike the texture of meat and prefer carbohydrate-rich foods. It's also important to begin to teach your child that many different foods are needed to help their body grow strong and healthy.

    You may want to try some non-meat protein foods to see if they are better accepted by your pre-schooler. Some examples include cooked beans, scrambled egg chunks, or tofu chunks. In addition, dairy products are also a good source of protein so yogurt, milk and small chunks of cheese are also good choices. Your child may be more willing to eat meat if it is soft and in small chunks. For instance, ground meat in the spaghetti sauce or small pieces of soft chicken or (bone-free) fish may work.

    With preschoolers, it's important to offer a variety of foods from all the food groups, set a good example by eating with your child, and maintain your patience. It often takes 10 or more exposures to new foods for a child to even take the first bite. Forcing your child to eat is counterproductive.
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