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    Default Aamir Khan organised special screening of Peepli Live for the Bachchans

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    While Aamir Khan had a general screening of Peepli Live for his other colleagues and friends earlier during the week, for the Big B and his parivar, Aamir had a special exclusive screening of Peepli Live on Thursday evening at Pixion to which only the Bachchans were invited.

    Both Aamir and his wife Kiran were there to receive the Bachchans and watch the film with the mega-star.

    After the show the Big B's response to the film? "Superb!"

    The fact that Aamir insisted in holding a special screening of the film exclusively for the Big B although Big B had offered to come for the screening earlier during the week with the rest of his colleagues, is significant in the light of the recent bonding between the Big B in Aamir.

    Mutual friends of the two mega stars insist there's definitely a film with the two of them in the offing.
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