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    Arrow Big Bang Recreated?

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    As for those who don't know what the Big Bang is, it is a scientific theory of how the this galaxy came to being. According to the theory, a huge star exploded, in which this huge galaxy, this planet we live on was created. Scientists now again have thought to create similar circumstances, and create a Big Bang of their own. What do you have to say about this? Is this right? Personally I feel this is completely wrong. Big Bang, was just a theory, nothing completely proven. It isn't a fact, and this can be harmful to us. How can a few scientists decide to do this? Shouldn't we all have a say? Instead of wasting all this money on this "junk, crap" whatever you'd like to call it, why not use this money to feed the poor, make a better living for those who need it? It is also said that due to this "Big Bang Experiment" there can be blackholes created within the Earth, which will swallow us, destroy us compltely. The link below, though says that all these worries are not at all neccesary, but what is the exact proof, nothing will go wrong? What if it does? Do we not have say over..our lives? Our planet?After reading thru this link, share your opinions and thoughts.[/

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    THis is bull****
    pplz were talking abt dis in skol
    thanks though




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