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    Default Ranveer to accept his child in Kesariya Balam...

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    Sahara One’s Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des has taken a major twist as Deep threatens Rukmini to go and tell the family about her “affair” with Yash.

    As a reliable source from the show quotes, “This time Rukmini is not scared and doesn’t give in to Deep’s threats. During an argument with Deep, she collapses when the doctor reveals she is pregnant. Rukmini is determined to hide this from everyone as the truth will ruin her life along with Ranveer’s and Rasal’s. Meanwhile, Yash comes to know it is Ranveer’s child, she is carrying.

    “Now Deep is in trouble thinking what if she reveals about having Ranveer’s child and if the family accepts it. More drama follows when Ranveer tries to see her medical report, Rasal comes in and takes him away and Bhanwar Singh demands to know the truth from Rukmini when Ranveer accepts it’s his child.”

    We tried contacting Aksshat Gupta but he remained unavailable.

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