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    Default Geet -[Episode-84]-30th July Written Update

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    Geet -[Episode-85]-30th July Video Update Watch Online

    Geet -[Episode-84]-30th July Written Update :-

    Recap: Maan rages at Geet saying that she wanted the money, Dadi overhears, and Maan stops Geet from slapping him; Maan tells Dadi that whatever he does with Geet isn't for her to worry about, but Dadi says she's worried for him and faints; Dadi, Maan & Geet are sitting on the bed, and Geet gets up, but Dadi doesn't want her to leave...

    The episode starts with Dadi repeating that she doesn't want Geet to leave her. Geet says that Maan is there to look after her, but Dadi says that only a woman can understand a woman's pain. She tells Maan and Geet not to go against an old lady's wishes. MaanEet look at each other, and then Dadi, and both smile.
    Dadi smiles, and closes her eyes. MaanEet glare at each other, and then get up at the same time to walk away... but it's of no use, Dadi holds their hands tightly. They both sit back down, and stare at each other, thinking.
    Maan: Look at the bravery of this girl. She's staring at me! She raised her hand, and... Maybe I was a bit.. but...
    Geet: (stands up) I've realised what wrong I did... his arrogance and ego still haven't left him. Even after saying all those disgusting things, he still dares to stare at me?
    Maan: Alright, so I raised my hand as well... but shouldn't she have some manners to at least apologise? But no, her head is always looking towards the sky. She won't bend down.
    Geet: (watching Maan walk towards her) What and why is Maan sir doing walking towards me? What if.. he's coming to say sorry? No, why would I want him to apologise to me? Why is his asking for forgiveness so important for me? From the look on his face, it doesn't look like he's even thinking of apologising. Geet, how can you forget that he doesn't have a heart, or a brain?
    Dadi: Look at these two looking like enemies ready to kill each other. (screams)

    Both Maan and Geet run back to Dadi wondering what's wrong with her. Maan asks her what's wrong, and Dadi says her back is hurting her. She tells Geet to ask for a hot water bottle. Geet complies and runs off. Maan calls her name, and moves to walk off, but Dadi has held his hand again. She tells Maan that Geet isn't that bad.
    Maan tells Dadi not to worry about him. She needs to worry about herself. He doesn't want anything happening to her... she is the most important person in his life. He picks up his phone, and tells someone to bring a hot water bottle for Dadi now. Dadi looks at him in astonishment.

    Geet is walking towards the stairs wondering what's wrong with her. Maan always used to insult her and it never bothered her, but now? And as for what he did earlier - flashback to Maan almost kissing Geet - Geet will never let that happen again. Never again.
    Maan stands near the bannister and asks himself what's wrong with him. Why can't he let Geet go? After someone (help here) left, he let go quite quickly.. why does destiny bring Geet in front of him everytime?
    Just then both the servant and Geet bring hot water bottles. Maan notices that Geet actually brought a bottle and tells the servant to tell Geet that Dadi asked for water to cool her, not to drink. Geet says that sir shouldn't leave alcohol bottles lying around for her to use. And sir wouldn't understand that it's a desi thing. Maan replies that Geet needs to open her eyes... desi things aren't needed here when there's hot water bags available. She needs to talk less and work harder.
    Geet retorts that the servant's employer needs to stop ordering other people around.. it'll be better for him. Making a mountain out of a molehill is his habit, not hers. Maan replies that why talk, when there's the option of raising their hand at someone... it's in her blood to be violent, that's why her family kicked her... Maan realises he's gone too far.
    Geet tears up and asks Maan to teach her how open up stories the way he does. Just then Dadi screams out in pain, and calls for Maan. Maan goes, and softly tells Geet that she isn't needed right now. She stands there, tearing up.
    Maan puts the bag behind Dadi's back, and tells her she won't be in pain for much longer. Dadi tells him that she'll be in pain until Maan gets rid of the bitterness in his heart. Maan says that Dadi is wasting her time thinking about Geet. Dadi retorts that it's not a waste, and that Maan will have to change himself. Maan refuses, and says that he changes for no one.. least of all that girl.
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    Thank u so much bt Yaar dis is half update n dis written update is 4 84 epi means 30 July......



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