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    Default Sex Abuse in Indian Women’s Hockey Team!

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    Reality is different from movies and rarely does it happen, that a hockey team holds striking resemblance like that of the grandeur seen in “Chak De India”!

    The scenario in the current Indian hockey team is entirely different!!! There are lack of funds, lack of opportunities and yes… more and more of SEXUAL ABUSES!

    The allegations are not baseless… Th Ranjitha Devi, who is the Indian national hockey player, blamed all the backroom staff members for forcing her and other hockey players for giving sexual favors to them! If this is not enough for you to digest, if reports are to be believed, M Basavraja, the videographer of the team, along with chief coach M K Kaushik and other members of the support staff have been sacked!

    A panel committee was organized to cater to this issue with the same comprising of a four-member committee. Also, a blame of this sort from a national player like her can’t be taken lightly. She is also a part of the prospective players who have been listed in the Commonwealth games as she made her mark in the national team by showing impressive performance at the junior level.

    She, along with Kaushik has been asked to clear the entire subject and present their individual cases in front of the four-member committee. The same has been confirmed by Rajeev Mehta, who is one of the members of the decision-taking committee. He told a daily that the charges are really serious and the committee is looking into the matter and have already removed the videographer from the post. Also, he is a SAI official, therefore, SAI have been told to provide their further recommendation on this incident.

    Other members of the committee include Sudarshan Pathak of Hockey Delhi, Ajitpal Singh (ex player of the Indian national Hockey team) and Zafar Iqbal (former player). They also refused to provide any comment on this issue, nor has any official-comments have come from the side of the support staff of the team.

    In the complaint, it has been clearly stated that the staff members had serious addictions of getting “escorts” to their hotel rooms and even neglected team meetings, thanks to their gratifications! Ranjitha also accused that her name was removed from the team as she refused to fulfill these appeasements of theirs!

    Now we have to wait for the final decision from the committee! Whatever would be the outcome, we can’t decline this fact that damage has already been done!
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    it happens everywhere yaar kahin gal pool khol deti hai aur kahin chup rehti hain



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