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    Default Paul Octopus Has Job In India!!!!!!

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    Paul octopus is making headlines all across the globe. Paulís popularity transcends nations , continents , religions . It makes headlines in saudi , in pakistan , in India , in europe , in australia or in africa. Paul is being tweeted , retweeted by likes of amitabh bachchan , mentioned by rajdeep sardesai .
    ĎPaulí got it right says leading Indian daily while it also says paul might end up being eaten up in restaurant by angry german fan. Well we at India have better idea , we can bring paul to India and government can pay for it . We can have 1-2% paul tax like education tax ,since paul would be cost effective in various things for which we pay lot of money.
    For example paul can be used in meterological department to predict when it would rain and when it wonít. As per week that wasnít of cnn-ibn , the department uses Ďtossing the coiní method to predict. Now this method has failed repeatively and so we can use paulís services for the department.
    Paul can also be hired for prediction growth percentage , when would inflation come down and such things. We have huge team who are trying to do this job but have failed so far and even our agriculture minister had cited his inability to predict since he is not astrologer. Paul can come handy to him in making this prediction.
    Paulís services can also be hired for personal use like prediting marriage successes. Normaly we have astrologers to do so. How many gunas match and how many dont , but at times all negative gunas match making it difficult for marriage to sustain. Paul can be used to predict whether marriage would be successful or fail. Remember paul works only on two options.
    Paul can also come handy for BJP. Whether to call dr manmohan singh as weak or strong?. Whether to ask narendra modi to campaign in bihar or not?. Whether to take back uma bharti or not?. Well paul can come handy because majority of these decisions of bjp taken by core team has caused problems to party. So since their experience is not working , paul can.
    Paul can also be used by our news channels. Whether x actress is dating y actor?. Is our great cricketer going to make century?. Paul is ideal news channel guy. He can create sensation and news can be sold as hot cake.
    Paul has lot of jobs ready in India. Instead of getting eaten , its owner should sell it to India , we are waiting and we have cricket world cup -2011 coming up.
    ...being a human...



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