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    Post Windows VISTA Services that can be Safely Set to MANUAL

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    When we install Windows Vista, there are many services running in background. Among them many services are useless and can be set manual to make our windows faster.

    In this tutorial I値l tell you about the services which can be safely set to MANUAL.

    1. Right-click on My Computer icon on desktop and select Manage, it値l open a window, in which goto: Services & Application -> Services. To disable or Set a service to MANUAL, double-click on the service and select the desired option in Startup list box.

    2. You can also open the same by going to Administrative Tools and open Computer Management.

    NOTE: Always set the service to MANUAL, never disable it. So that whenever windows needs to start a service it can easily start and use it. If you set any service to DISABLED, then windows will not be able to start it and will give ERROR

    So here is the list of services that can be safely set to MANUAL (Many of them may be disabled automatically on some systems):

    * Application Experience
    * Computer Browser (If your computer is not connected to any network)
    * Desktop Window Manager Session Manager (If you don稚 use Aero theme)
    * Diagnostic Policy Service
    * Distributed Link Tracking Client
    * Indexing service (If you don稚 use Windows Search feature frequently)
    * Offline Files
    * Portable Device Enumerator Service
    * Print Spooler (If you don稚 have Printer)
    * ReadyBoost (If you don稚 use ReadyBoost feature)
    * Remote Registry (Always disable it for Security purposes)
    * Secondary Logon
    * Security Center
    * Server (If your computer is not connected to any network)
    * System Restore (If you don稚 use System Restore)
    * Tablet PC Input Service
    * TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Service
    * Themes ( If you use Windows Classic theme)
    * Windows Error Reporting Service
    * Windows Media Center Service Launcher
    * Windows Search (If you don稚 use Windows Search feature frequently)
    * Windows Time (If you don稚 want to update system tray clock time automatically)

    PS: You can see the details of each service so that you can determine whether it should be disabled or not.

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    gr8 job
    keep it up

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    Thank you so much for this post .



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