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    Default 9 spycams at Hrithik's home

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    9 spycams at Hrithik's home

    Hrithik Roshan may have categorically denied the June 30 theft in his house (I robbed Hrithik, Mumbai Mirror), but if the recent CCTV installations at their Juhu residence are anything to go by, we would think Papa Rakesh Roshan is worried. While the police are still probing into the “robbery”, director Rakesh Roshan has taken it upon himself to protect his family.

    The director is leaving no stone unturned as far as safety is concerned. And if railway stations, the BMC office and even restaurants have done it, installing CCTV cameras must have its benefits. So Rakesh Roshan has installed them on all three floors of his house.

    According to a source, Roshan had ordered for the CCTV cameras a long time ago. He has installed nine CCTV cameras at different positions and angles to monitor all that is going on inside his house and at all times. That’s right, he himself monitors and checks the footage from each one of these cameras.

    Of course, that senior Roshan would have ample time to do this is believable too, now that the Kites fever has died down.

    As for where exactly the cameras are located, our source tells us that three cameras are placed at the entrances of the three floors of the Palazzo building that are owned by the Roshans. An additional one has been placed in the passages of the floors and one in the kitchen. Why in the kitchen? Well that’s for keeping a check on the cook who prepares their food. The gamchha-aided filmi image of the quintessential trustworthy Ramu kaka, mostly played by AK Hangal, is surely history.

    A source close to the Roshans says, “Rakesh Roshan wanted to make sure that his house and family were secure. That’s why he installed these cameras. He himself inspects the footage at the end of every week. This helps him keep a tab on who is coming in his house or what is going on.”

    When contacted, Rakesh Roshan did not deny the story. He merely said, “This matter is too confidential to discuss. I cannot comment on it.
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