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    No two actresses can be friends; especially if they are in the same league. This perhaps explains why one would never see two big-time heroines acting together in the same film. Kareena Kapoor does a Golmaal with Amrita Arora. Priyanka Chopra acts in Fashion with Mugdha Godse. Katrina Kaif is seen in De Dana Dan with Neha Dhupia. So when Rose Films announced the remake of the Hollywood film Bride Wars starring Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif, there was ample reason to cheer. Two A-list actresses coming together in the same film made big headlines and great box-office news! Actually on the flip side, it was too-good-to-be-true news. And, so it turned out to be; it didn’t take long for this bit of good news to turn untrue.
    When Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif had signed the film, they weren’t the best of friends but they didn’t have any problems with each other either. There was no conflict. They hadn’t worked together, so there was no ego hassle. And since they weren’t doing the same kind of films, there was no creative animosity. Even their personal worlds were far removed from each other.
    So what went wrong? As always, it was the third angle, and in the case of these two cool cats, it was a cattier boy to blame – Ranbir Kapoor. As things stand now, Kat has walked out of the film, and is breathing fire in Priyanka’s direction. The film will never be made, (not with this pair anyway) and chances of what could have been the beginning of a good working relationship or friendship between the two girls, now stands ruined forever.

    Round One
    The drama began last December when Priyanka and Ranbir left for the US to shoot for Sajid Nadiawala’s Anjaana Anjaani. Piggy Chops, at that time, was nursing a broken heart after having separated from boyfriend Shahid Kapoor. Ranbir too was getting over with his break-up with Deepika Padukone. Sources from the film’s unit in the USA said, “Eager to move on, Priyanka decided to concentrate on her adorable co-star. And since they were both single and hurting, perhaps they sought in each other’s company
    some healing.” The film, incidentally, is just a two cast fare providing ample opportunity to bond on a personal level beyond the creative and the professional. Some of the best relationship in the world often begin on the ‘rebound’ so why grudge Ranbir and Priyanka? But the actress was blissfully unaware of the fact that Ranbir had also been bedazzled by his Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani co-star, Katrina Kaif, not long ago.
    According to a source, “When the news of the Chopra girl and the Kapoor boy bonding reached Mumbai, Kat took the next flight to New York. Her presence there could easily be seen as a statement towards highlighting her true affections. Not one to fight over any man, Priyanka gracefully backed out of the other actress’ domain.”
    Somehow, the tabloids back home got wind of the Kat-Ranbir rendezvous, forcing Kat to hop on to the next flight to the UK, perhaps to silence the gossip mills. But once home, friends close to the actress revealed that she blamed Priyanka for the interruption. “Kat was convinced that Priyanka had spilled the details about her New York trip to people back home,” the informer adds. Apparently, she didn’t mince her angst over the Fashion actress to anyone who was willing to listen. Predictably, it wasn’t long before the ramblings reached PC’s ears. Naturally, things were never going to be normal between the two girls. In a near instantaneous decision, Katrina walked out of the film featuring PC, spelling doom for the Bride Wars remake.

    Round Two
    While shooting in America, Ranbir, during a casual conversation, had mentioned to Pranks (as the actress is fondly called) about the film that he and Kat were doing with Anurag Basu titled Silence. When she heard that there was a role for another actress in the film, Priyanka was interested, especially since it was a challenging performance-oriented role for which the casting had yet to be finalised. On her return, she contacted the Kites director and expressed an interest in playing the mentally challenged character. Basu, unaware of the problem between the two actresses, was thrilled about signing the A-list heroine, especially when he was considering talented but commercially less viable supporting actresses like Konkana Sen Sharma. But as soon as Priyanka became a part of the project, Katrina raised an objection. According to a source close to Anurag, “Kat told Anurag Basu that though she still wanted to do the film, she would however prefer that Priyanka was not made a part of the project. But when she realised that the director was really keen on Ms Chopra, she walked out of the project feeling cheated of a film that she had first been signed on for.” And, the resentment blues continued to grow on both sides.

    Round Three
    Last heard, the two heroines even had a tussle over Abbas Mastan’s home production, which is a remake of The Italian Job. The film stars Abhishek Bachchan and according to sources, Priyanka had sent feelers to the director duo for the female lead. According to an insider, “Abhishek has been having problems with her for a while. It all happened when Priyanka received an award sometime back and while accepting it, she said that she was honoured to be nominated in the same category as Kajol and Aishwarya Rai. She spoke highly about Kajol’s talent, but when it came to Aishwarya, she just spoke about her beauty. This had rankled Abhishek because he felt that in a way, she was trying to belittle Ash’s acting credentials.”
    Apparently, Abhishek put his foot down and told Abbas Mastan that he didn’t want Priyanka as his co-star in the project. For the actress, it was a bigger jolt when she was informed that the makers were now negotiating with Katrina instead. According to unit sources, Katrina has already given her green signal to the film with the makers now waiting for her dates to get the film rolling.

    Round Four
    Another incident that has further worsened Kat’s relations with Priyanka is the surfacing of stories claiming that Priyanka was Farah Khan’s first choice for Tees Maar Khan. A source from the unit says “Priyanka had gone to Farah’s house to meet her for the role. But considering the problem between her and Akshay Kumar (they haven’t worked together in a long time) there was no way Farah would even consider her for the project. Katrina was always Farah’s first choice and she stuck to that. Later, Katrina was aghast when she read news reports claiming that Priyanka had been approached for the role first.”
    No doubt Priyanka has established her prowess as a thinking actress, but Katrina Kaif too has her edge by being one of Bollywood’s most popular actresses at the moment. She is predictably angry because she believes Priyanka is trying to disturb her firming foothold in the industry, personally and professionally. The stage is set for Round Five now…
    ...being a human...



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