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    Default The Stories Of Those Who Committed Suicide

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    The Stories Of Those Who Committed Suicide

    While the souls of people who died naturally experience relief and happiness, suicide victims, quite to the contrary, experience confusion and torment. A specialist in the field of suicide summed up the fact very well: "If you leave life with a restless soul, then you will arrive into the other world with a restless soul." Suicide victims commit suicide to "end it all," but, as it happens, it is only their beginning in the other world. Here are a few contemporary accounts that illustrate the otherworldly state of suicide victims.

    One man, who loved his wife dearly, killed himself when she died. He hoped to reunite with her for eternity, but things turned out quite differently. When the doctor revived him, he said: "I was in a place quite different from where she was? It was a dreadful place? and immediately I realized that I had made a huge mistake"

    Some revived suicide victims described arriving in a kind of prison or dungeon and they felt that they would have to remain there for a very long time. They recognized that this was their punishment for violating the established law, which requires that each person must suffer his share of sorrows. Having willfully thrown off the burdens placed upon them, they must carry even more in the world to come.

    Another man, who survived death, tells the following: "When I arrived there, I understood that two things are absolutely forbidden ? to kill oneself or to kill others. If I had decided to kill myself it would have meant throwing into the Face of God the gift he had bestowed upon me. To kill someone is to disrupt God's plan for that person"

    The overall impression of reanimating doctors is that suicide is severely punished. Dr. Bruce Greyson, a psychiatrist at the emergency ward of Connecticut University, having studied the matter declares that no one who has experienced the transition from life to death and back again would have their life shortened by any means . Even though the other world is incomparably better than ours, this world has vital preparatory significance. Only God decides when a person has matured for eternity.

    Forty-seven-year-old Beverly tells us how happy she is to be alive. As a child, she suffered extremely at the hands of her cruel parents, who abused her daily. Even as an adult she cannot speak of her childhood without emotion. Once, when she was seven, having been brought to despair by her parents, she threw herself headlong against the cement, dashing her head. During her clinical death, she saw playmates surround her lifeless body. Suddenly, a bright light surrounded Beverly and an unknown voice spoke to her, "You have made a mistake. Your life is not yours and you must return." To which she responded, "But nobody loves me and nobody wants to take care of me." "This is true"; the voice answered, "and in the future nobody will care for you. Therefore, learn to care for yourself." After these words Beverly saw a dried-up tree and snow all around her. Then warmth came from somewhere melting the snow. Immediately, leaves and ripened apples sprang from the dried-up branches. She approached the tree and began tearing off the apples and eating them with great enjoyment. Then she realized that as in nature so in each life there are periods of winters and summers that combine to form a singular fullness in God's plan. When Beverly awoke, she treated life differently. As an adult she married a good man, had children and found happiness .
    Pyar Na Dil Se Hota Hai, Na Dimaag Se...
    Pyar To Ittefaq Se Hota Hai.
    Per Pyar Karke Pyar Hi Mile...
    Ye Ittefaq Kisi Kisi Ke Sath Hota Hai.

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    aww omg! Suiciidee is nott thee answerrrr!!You gotta toughen it outtt n make urself strooong! Tfs!

    THnx so much Falu!!! So HOT!

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    this is kinda sad

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    I have heard something similar repeated by many who claim to see beyond our sphere of vision...

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    god gave us life. he will watch over us. throwing away the precious gift he gave us will not help our souls to more on.

    we are born to fulfill our destiny. if we end our live before that then we enter a whole inbetween life and death. thats the world of ghosts. commonly known as wondering spirits.

    i dont want to wonder around without fulfilment and im sure you dont want to either.

    so live and be happy. take each day as it comes. face all obsticals head on. dont let anything and anyone get you down.

    life is a gift. live it to the fullest.

    thanks for sharing.



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