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    Default The Smallest Baby Born Alive in the World

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    The Smallest Baby Born Alive in the World

    The smallest baby born alive is the world’s most premature living baby, Amillia Taylor, who was born at 21 weeks and six days, appears in this undated handout photo by the Baptist Children’s Hospital in Miami. Born 24 October 2006, Amillia Taylor weighed just 280 grams (10 ounces) and measured 240 centimeters (9.5 inches,) slightly longer than a ballpoint pen, according to the hospital. The American Association of Pediatrics indicates that babies born at less than 23 weeks of age and 400 grams in weight are not considered viable. Amillia is headed home after spending four months in a neonatal intensive care unit, Baptist Children’s Hospital in Miami (announced 19 February 2007).

    Amilla Taylor smallest baby born alive

    Adult hand hold Amilla Taylor

    feet of Amilla Taylor


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    omg its soo small

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    nice share. ty



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