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    Fleming saved Churchill from drowning

    This could have been such a good example for karmic laws only if it was true. The story goes that Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin, or his father (the characters normally interchange) saved a young Winston Churchill from drowning and Senior Churchill rewarded Fleming with a sponsored education. A few years later Fleming saves Winston Churchill again by using Penicillin. A very good fairy tale indeed. But untrue.

    Sunset at the North Pole with the moon

    If you are internet literate you have seen this photo. And we all thought this was such a masterpiece from nature. Here is the truth. It is a work titled ‘Hideaway’ produced by a 22 year old German astrophysics student named Inga Nielsen using Terragen which is a scenery rendering software. Next time we forward this mail, let us give credit to Inga rather than Nature.

    Tsunami in Thailand

    Weren’t we all struck when we saw this photograph of people running away from the tsunami in Thailand? It is time for some reality check now. These pictures were actually taken when unusual high tides resulted in water flowing upstream at high speeds on the Qian Tang Jian river in China. Watching these events is a government sponsored tourist festival and that’s how the photographers captured these events.

    Entering the pin in reverse to summon the police

    Sorry! That won’t work. It is true that there are a lot of e-mails circulating over the internet suggesting people to enter the PIN in reverse if they ever are forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM, but there is no system implemented anywhere in the world till now. This is one rumor that refuses to die even if it is refuted many times.

    The song ‘Happy Birthday’ is copyright protected

    This is one rumor which people scoff at when they hear it. But people do get a mild shock when they find out that it is true! The song ‘Happy Birthday’ is copyright protected, but there is no reason to fret. The copyright protection comes into picture only when the song is used for commercial purposes.

    The Titanic was cursed because it carried a mummy

    If you are one of them who have heard that the Titanic carried a mummy which caused the sinking of the ship and if you found it hard to believe, you were right in thinking so. In fact, the ship wasn’t even carrying a mummy to be cursed in the first place. This is just another of those ‘all powerful mummy curse’ stories.

    Cut your hair so that it grows well

    Did your friends say so? Next time you hear this, just tell them that cutting your hair has no effect on its growth. If it really did, those going bald would be shaving afflicted areas to encourage re-growth of their fast falling hair. All that cutting your hair does is taking care of the splits which would otherwise damage your hair.

    Normally a person uses only 10% of the brain

    So what happens to the rest 90 percent? Will they be on a perpetual holiday? The ‘only 10 percent usage’ myth is famous all over the world from the last hundred years or so. But scientists debunk it saying the brain uses all hundred percent of its area, for if not, it would have shrunk long ago. So let us all rejoice. We are using our resources to the optimum.
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