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    Default The Most Powerful Fish to Live Without Water – Mangrove Rivulus

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    The Most Powerful Fish to Live Without Water – Mangrove Rivulus

    US scientist’s research reveal that tropical fish that live in the swamp is able to survive for months without water. One of these fish species are mangrove rivulus (Rivulus marmoratus) that live in mangrove swamp along the American continent.

    Once the dry season arrives and the water shortage shrinking, this fish, that can only grow to 7.5 inch size, sometime is trapped in the hollow trunk of the tree made of insects, coconut, and even tin cans. They live huddled in a dirt hole and breathe using the skin rather than gills.

    Unlike most fish that breathe with gills, rivulus mangrove breathing using skin. When the habitat begins to dry, they are hiding in holes in the ground, or even a coconut shell drink cans. In hiding, the fish breathe with the skin and can live for months without water. After the rain came and water flood the habitat back, they came out from hiding and live like ordinary fish.

    Scott Taylor, a researcher from Florida, USA, accidentally find that out when doing research in Belize, Central America. This tropical fish species are in fact also can be found in Brazil and the United States.

    “We are dismantling a tree trunk and the fish came out suddenly” said Taylor. Then the results of testing done in the laboratory showed that fish survive until more than 66 days without food and water. Surprisingly, the metabolism system remains normal functioning.

    Not only fish that survive without water, mangrove rivulus has a peculiar sexual conditions. Each fish had testicular and ovarian parthenogenesis alias so that it can conduct independent marriage with their own fertilized eggs in the body. It’s probably the most powerful fish, not only has the odd sex but also have a different standard life from other fish.

    Order – Cyprinodontiformes
    Family – Aplocheilidae
    Genus – Rivulus
    Species – marmoratus

    Here’s the pictures of the fish:

    Mangrove Rivulus

    Mangrove Rivulus ( Rivulus Marmoratus)


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