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    Default The Most Isolated Island in the World, Tristan da Cunha

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    The Most Isolated Island in the World, Tristan da Cunha

    The island is located in the southern Atlantic Ocean, 2816 km from South Africa and 3360 km from South America. This is very, very isolated island from the outside world. Surrounded by mountains and sea make access to this island is very difficult.

    In adddition the difficult nature characters, such as a hard wind. The island is located in Saint Helena sovereignty, England and has population of only 270 people.

    The island was discovered by Portuguese sailors Ilha de Tristão da Cunha in 1506, so named after the sailor’s name. In addition of this island isololation,the only means of transportation to reach this island is a boat because there was no airport at all there.

    What also matters is the existence of genetic diseases that occur because of marriage between relatives. This is because They ban immigrants to live in their island.

    Here’s the pictures of the island:

    Tristan Da Cunha, most isolated island in the world

    Tristan da Cunha: another view

    Tristan da Cunha sceneries

    Tristan da Cunha: the appearance inside

    Tristan da Cunha overhead




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