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    Default Bhopal Gas Tragedy : Lives Of Indians Is Cheap?

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    What is cost of human lives?. Thousand rupee ?. one lakh?.Five lakhs? , Ten lakhs? or one crore?. Well life is priceless . Isnít it?.
    The biggest industrial disaster in world history , bhopal gas tragedy verdict was announced yesterday. It found all eight accused guilty . Verdict announced 2 years of prisonment for accused with fine of 1 lakh each and 5 lakh rupee fine to Union Carbide India Limited.
    One of accused died during the course of trial which went on and on and on like ekta kapoorís serial. Finally verdict was out yesterday.
    It took 26 long years for court to reach judgement in the case where officially around 4000 people had died while unofficially the death toll is between 15000-25000!!!!!!!!!
    The guilty got bail immediately with surity money of 25000. While the ex ceo of U Union Carbide CEO Warren Anderson has been declared absconding. Green peace activist traced him in usa where he stays in $9,00,000 home!!!!
    The verdict made victims more angry.Their 26 year old journey of fighting for justice got them 2 years imprisonment for accused who were granted bail.
    While chief minister of madya pradesh blamed law for the verdict , law minister too pitched for stricter laws for future.
    Dow Chemicals took over Union Carbide India Limited and continues to operate in India. Ironically dow chemicals too has been found guilty by us authorities for bribing to officials of the Central Insecticide Registration Board and its parent ministry (agriculture) for clearance for the sale in India of its three insecticides and pesticides, banned in the US.
    Now for a second forget that it was bhopal gas tragedy. Consider that this would have happened in usa or uk or australia. Would usa or uk or australia have taken 26 years for verdict?. Would have usa or uk or australia given mere 2 years as jail term , would company under any name be allowed to operate ?
    Courts are bounded by laws and one canít do much as far as imprisonment term in concerned but yes 26 years is long long time.
    As far as parliament is concerned they need to come up with strict laws . Lives of Indians would keep on remaining cheap , if we choose to do so.
    ...being a human...



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