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    Default Top 10 Most Expensive Hamburgers in the World

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    Top 10 Most Expensive Hamburgers in the World

    Hereís the list of most expensive hamburgers in the world. Maybe Youíre eager to know whatís a matter with those hamburgers. We can say that itís all about the ingredients of the hamburgers and the place where You enjoy that. So letís take a look at it in details one by one.

    10. Kobe Beef Burger Cheese with Mushrooms and Bacon: $ 21.75

    Some restaurants in America are daring to make a variety of unique innovations, with the hope to make this cheap food becomes extraordinary food with a special beef. Kobe beef is famous for expensive and delicate, especially with the addition of Gorgonzola cheese, plus sauteed mushrooms, bacon and onion marmalade. What about the Price? Itís around $ 21.75,you want to try it?

    Kobe Beef Cheese Burger with Mushrooms and Bacon

    9. Hamburger of Spago : $22

    At Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills, you will meet with Hamburger menu with fantastic price: $ 22. Why could be that expensive? It caused by the chef of the restaurant. This restaurant is managed by a chef named Wolfgang Puck, and Wolfgang is a burger lovers. So donít worry, he will serve best burger. Burgers with cheddar cheese, grilled onions plus garlic aioli. The burger of course Will spoil your tounge

    hamburger of spago

    8. Kobe Sliders : $28

    This one is very unique. Slider is a favorite menu that consists of six pieces a little smaller burgers. Each gets decorated with Russian dressing, onions, Swiss cheese plus. The interesting things is each burger made from Kobe beef, $28 is a price that have to be paid per serving. In other words 1 burger costs around $4.8.

    Kobe sliders

    7. Ď21′ Burger: $30

    A renowned restaurant in New York called Ď21′ has one special burgers called 21 burger. The price is decent, $30 per serving. Why expensive? This burger is made with extra fat from the duck, marjoram and thyme, unique ingredients that make this menu is different from many other burgers. In addition, the food is served with grilled tomatoes, onions and baked potatoes as well. Is It Cool?

    "21" burger

    6. Rossini Burger: $60

    Atmosphere of this place is relaxing, but once you see the menu, then you will understand the difference. Rossini Burger, created by Hubert Keller, owner of the Burger Bar is made of Kobe beef with truffle sauce (kind of mushroom) and foie gras (typical goose liver of France) is flanked by a pair of garlic bread with so tasty! Price? $60. Well, are You interested with that?

    Rossini burger

    5. Grand Burger: $100

    This burger is served at McGuireís Irish Pub in Pensacola, Florida. This burger is a little different. Made from fresh mignon filet meat, but not only that makes it special, other than meat, this burger is also filled lettuce, tomatoes and onions, but, there is another addition! Caviar! Also, if you are ordering food, the Grand Burger will be presented with a special Champagne: Moet & Chandon White Star Champagne. Price? $100. Is It worth?

    Grand Burger

    4. Burger Double Truffle: $150

    Daniel Bouolud, owner of DB Bistro Moderne in New York has interesting ideas for homemade burgers. His first artificial burger stuffed with foie gras (goose liver typical of France), plus grilled ribs and truffle (a type of fungus). This burger is the most expensive menu in the bistro, with $150 price named Double Truffle Burger. Black Truffle is used for these burgers up to 20 grams.

    burger double truffle

    3. Richard Nouveau Burger: $175

    Wall Street Burger Shoppe, which was founded, of course, on Wall Street, New York serve burger with a fantastic price: $175. These burgers made from meat selection of Kobe beef, and covered with foie gras, truffles and gold leaf. Even the mayonnaise sauce made specifically for Burger was also given additional truffles and gold leaf! Is that a worth price for this food?

    Richard Nouveau Burger

    2. Absolutely Ridiculous Burger: $499

    The price: $499 Until now not even clear why the visitors Mallieís Sports Bar in Southgate, Michigan assumed that the burgers are still healthy. Just imagine, this burger is made of about 75 pounds more beef. If you Want to try, at least 72 hours before you come, you have to order this food. You may bring a maximum of 30 people to eat this hilarious magical burger. 30 people? in other words, a person must spend 2.5 kg of meat! No wonder this kind of food made American people on fat

    Absolutely Ridiculous Burger

    1. Kobe Beef and Maine Lobster Burgers: $777

    Burgers that can be found at Le Burger Brasserie in Las Vegas, Nevada. This burger is made from kobe beef and minced plus size pieces of large lobsters, too. Once cooked, burger sauce was made with Brie Cheese, prosctiuttobalsamic (which is made from wine vinegar). Price? $777. Expensive? Indeed, but do not worry, because once you order this burger, youíll get 1 bottle of Dom Perignon Rose to go with this food.

    Kobe Beef and Maine Lobster Burgers


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