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    Default Rani Tiwari - Role Model For Indian Women

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    In last semester I had Indian Social Organization which covered various social issues of India. Caste , sati pratha (almost obsolete with 1 odd case in 10 years) , dowry and such issues.

    Dowry is such deep rooted in Indian society that even after government made it illegal in 1961 , it still prevails in many parts of India. Education has not helped in curbing dowry. In many parts of India , the more a person gets educated , the more he gets in dowry!!!!!!!!!!

    First let us see what dowry actually is?. Dowry is money/jewelery/car given to groom by bride's parents during marriage. For some it includes giving flat and filling that flat with television , dvd players , fridge , sofas and all such stuffs. Some even pay for honeymoon of newly wed couple!!!!!

    If we analyze dowry , it makes marriage a business venture. Bride's family pays for their daughter's stay in husband's house.

    What she gets in return is surname of her husband , right to have kids , a house to stay and a protector/provider. What she gives in return along with money is her service . She takes care of her husband , her in laws , bears child , cooks for family.

    Ironically dowry then becomes a cycle. The money paid to daughter's husband is recovered by marrying one's son!!!!!. In case one doesnot have son ,he understands , he needs to work hard for paying dowry for his daughters!!!!!!!!!!

    Now why does one pay dowry has been covered in different hub called -'What's wrong with Indian Parents?' which follows this article in link section. Here I am not going to revisit that aspect. Here I am going to talk about Rani Tiwari . The lady who has made anti dowry group proud. The lady who has challenged the system. The lady who has shown way to lakhs of Indian women and family who are victims of dowry or possible victims of dowry in future.

    Rani Tiwari was all set for her marriage. The date was fixed and her marriage was supposed to happen on june 19. Her to be husband wanted 5 lakhs in cash and a car as dowry. Even after engagement , the demands from groom's family kept coming in.

    Fed up with those demands , rani decided to call off the marriage. But it was not just about her anymore. She decided to make sure that no other girl goes through what she went through as far as this man was concerned.

    She along with her brother went to see her future husband and his family. She took hidden camera along with her and recorded all conversations regarding their demands. The recording was given to police who arrested the man and his family.

    Media soon carried her stories to people's drawing room. Many people did sympathize with her , many congratulated her and many hailed her. She got 50 marriage proposals from all across the country and she selected a professional singer with home , she would get married soon. Professional singer too had gone through similar situation when he wanted to get his sister married and so could relate with her situation.

    Now as wedding bells would go ringing for Rani Tiwari , she has indeed set an example for lakhs to follow. The social evil call dowry won't die unless families unite to get rid of it. We salute Rani for her courage and wish her happy married life with the singer.
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    Truely,, its time we Indians recognize the worth and start respectin women, stop treatin daughters as a curse n sons as investments. Its goin on coz people think its right since its been that way for years.. some even think its in our culture and cant be changed andnow... its better not to stop, think and question. Dowry is the biggest reason for female infanticide and foeticide. With the sex ratio showing alarming signals..wonder what the women and men in power are still thinking...



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