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    Cool SHILPA ANAND Returning in DMG

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    STAR One via Dill Mill Gayye : We heard all you fans who wanted Shilpa Anand back. And she IS back! Watch out for her in DMG! Watch out for this space to know when and how. Spread the word around now!

    News from Shilpa's front

    Shilpa has given her consent for DMG after that long meeting that took place
    few days ago. Shilpa and her mum were happy about Sidharth Malhotra's way of
    dealing things. The meeting was held to discuss about Shilpa's character,
    future track and her contract. Karan was present throughout the meeting.
    Apparently both the parties are happy. And Finally the contract has been
    signed. Shilpa will start shooting in 3-4 days. It might take less than 3-4 days, but YES CONTRACT HAS BEEN SIGNED.

    News from CVs side

    Sidharth Malhotra is quite confident about SA's come back. CVs wanted to
    bring SA as a new character named Dr Henna. But Shilpa suggested to change
    her character's name to Dr Shilpa. So, may be Shilpa's onscreen name will be
    Shilpa only. There were discussions regarding Shilpa's entry as Ridhima's
    step sister. But this is not 100% confirmed, since Jennifer might leave once
    Shilpa enters. And incase Jennifer sticks to the show, according to Sidharth
    Malhotra two parallel storylines will be show, one a KaSh love story and the
    other Shilpa-Ridhima's step sister bonding and all.

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