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    Default What do you think about the review system in cricket?

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    With the introduction of the new review system in cricket, it has definitely drawn everyone's attention. To most people it seems like it has gotten a lot of correct decisions going but still the lbw decision remains a bit of a puzzle. We have seen some wrong decisions made as well.

    What do you think? Is use of technology in this way the right thing to do? Is the review system really successful in your mind?

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    welll, the review system just strted its gonna take sometime time...
    has some ups and will get better and better everyday!!
    sorry dude .... Hash

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    Well in a way it's good and bad, its good because fielders & batsmen get a chance to prove that they deserve what they've done.
    But at the same time bad because the 3rd umpire has made many mistakes even with Replays, i dont get how that is possible..?



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