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    Wink Happy Friendship Day!!

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    It's The Day We All Wait For
    The Day Of Friends

    "Sometimes in life, you find a special friend,
    Someone who changes your life just by being a part of it,
    Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop,
    Someone who makes you believe
    that there really is good in the world.
    Someone who convinces you that there really
    is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open"

    Friends are priceless assets of our lives. Friendship is a relationship that can't be defined by words. The immortal relationship of friendship renders us speechless when trust, loyalty, understanding, moral support, empathy, intimacy, conflict and anger are shown by our friends. Friendship is a unique bond that is signed for our lifetime! Friendship Day celebrates this exceptional bond of humankind. It is a day when we let our friends know how much they are valued and needed in our lives.

    International or National Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in August every year. This year i.e. in 2008, it will be celebrated on 3rd August. On Friendship Day, the marvelous feeling of friendship is expressed in myriad ways, such as gifts, cards, flowers, poems, thoughts, friendship quotes, friendship SMS, cookies, chocolates, souvenirs, a tape of favorite songs, dinners and welcome balloons. Friendship Day parties are also arranged to celebrate the day in a dashing manner. Friendship Day is a golden opportunity to get back to our long lost friends.

    Old friends, separated by geographical distances, are often called up on this day to rejuvenate their friendship. Many people choose Internet to get back to their old friends. They send nice Friendship Day e-cards to express love and warmth for each other. Friendship Day is a great day to express our appreciation of the alliance with our school pals, work colleagues, siblings, partners, parents, neighbors and cyber friends, in short all those who have played the role of friends in different stages of our life.
    That's why friends are so special to us. They are with us in our good and bad times.

    Happy Friendship Day To My Friends, u know know who you are
    And also to all our dear members
    Have A Glamorous Day

    aww thanks payal, luv ya too.

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    Happy Friendship Day Everyone
    An Everlasting Summer Romance --- In Process

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    v. close 2 mc.donalds. :D not walking distance tho..


    happpyyy friendship day ..
    >>>ALWAYZ & 4EVR *HiiNA*<<<
    WaT Y0u kNo May NoT ALlwAyzZ b RiGhht...
    one thngz PRooVED!.....


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    Happy Friendship day everyone



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