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    Default Engineering Students Develop Helmet with a Mobile Charger!

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    Ecological imbalance is one of the major issues that are being discussed across the globe. With the non-renewable sources of energy slowly perishing, it is time to rethink our consumption and utilization of these precious resources.

    Keeping the above in mind, it has been proved yet again that each and every individual can make a difference. After all, Indians are known for their brains, creativity and innovation. This has been proved by two engineering students from Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

    These students developed a helmet which is also capable of charging a mobile phone. Studying at the Nirma University, Aalok Bhatt and Pragnesh Dudhaiya have come up with this helmet which has the capacity of charging a cell phone in forty minutes. The helmet uses solar and wind energy to generate electricity. During the daytime, it is equipped to function with the solar energy while the wind energy would be used after the sunset.

    The main aim of developing this helmet by these final year students was to promote the use of helmets which is usually neglected by the bikers. This in turn leads to fatal accidents. Bhatt and Dudhaiya are expecting the increased use of helmets in the city with this additional feature. Filing a patent for their innovation is also being planned by them. Catering to the masses of India, this helmet has been reasonably priced at Rs. 1000 only…a small price that would prove to keep one safe as well as act as a utility resource for the people.

    Hard to believe but it only took them three days to create this device. It was done during the Green Festival in their college. This can sure be considered as a start for the youth going green and becoming aware of the environment around them.

    India is one of the largest producers of organic cotton in the world. With organic farming already on the rise in India, developing technology that is organic in nature can be considered as the next step which can soon turn out to be the boom for its economy.

    This helmet is our answer to one utility that is electricity even though it caters to us in a very small format. However, this amount can bring about a large difference in the consumption of electricity the regular way.

    Additionally, this also proves that Indians have what it takes to be creative and innovative and moving with the globalized world. And so, another invention that credits the nation!



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