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    Default Silly Captain, Silly Reasons – All “Drama”

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    Indian audience is such a cricket crazy genre that in all the hustle and bustle of India’s loss in the T20 World Cup tournament, we all forgot to acknowledge the Indian Women’s cricket team is going great guns in the T20 World cup and Champion Vishwanathan Anand retained his World Chess Championship. And the cricket crazy nation is only going ga-ga over the loss of our “CHAMPION” Indian cricket team!

    These cricketers have all the time in the world to booze at late night parties, dance with well known models and make girl friends one after another in every IPL party! But when the practice sessions are concerned, they give up to the core, all tired and end up resting on their cozy beds in some BCCI sponsored luxuries hotel! This is life for them. And with this amazing lifestyle, a shameful loss of this kind was on the cards. No one apart from few cricketers was seen in their usual form like they showed in IPL season. May be IPL is one of their biggest money resources and therefore they showed their complete loyalty towards it, but what about their country? Don’t they have the same responsibilities while they represent India in other tournaments – T20 World Cup being one of them!

    So India is finally out of the World Cup. And our captain Dhoni has his own reasons to defend the defeat. He innocently said that the IPL parties played havoc on their team’s performance in the recent T20 World Cup 2010. Tell me Dhoni, who dragged you in these IPL parties? Or was there some restrictions linked with tournament that you have to attend these parties by hook or by crook? The team has been kicked out of the tournament with only two wins in its kitty – one from a team like Afghanistan and another from South Africa! That’s it! Can you believe? That it! And they call them one of the best sides in the world! Wow!

    True that the hectic yearly schedule keeps these cricketers so busy that they hardly get time to stay with their families and above all the calendar takes a tough time out of them. But can we spare them for showing a bad performance constantly throughout year by year? And why this hectic schedule has not affected cricketers from other countries? They were equal participants in the IPL tournaments and its parties, just like the Indian cricketers. So why are they facing the blow of this tedious schedule?

    While writing my anger out on this piece of paper, I have another thing in mind. Just like other teams, why can’t we have separate teams for all the formats of the game, be it T20, ODI or test team. True we have experienced cricketers like Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and company, who generally don’t become a part of the T20 squad, but seeing the ability of the current T20 team to handle short pitch deliveries, I would certainly suggest the selectors to think about giving another chance to the old foxes, knowing the fact that an “experience” at the end of the day is the “key” to success! And the current T20 team is decked with “kids” who only know how to party hard and give excuses!

    Hats off to Dhoni for maintaining excuses every single time his team faces a loss! What’s your next excuse Captain?



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