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    fashion hijab

    Women's dress in Islamic culture is based on a principle of female modesty. Customs of the time, place, and social class of the woman influence what she might wear. Some options include hijab or modest, loose clothing and a scarf over the head and under the chin and burqa or burka, a more complete covering of the head, face and body.

    Islam has set minimum standards for personal modesty, which are reflected in the various styles of clothing worn among Muslims. While such standards may seem out-dated or conservative to some people, Muslims view these values of public decency as timeless.

    In Islam, all individuals become responsible and accountable for their behavior at the age of puberty. The Islamic teachings about modest dress apply to any person, male or female, at that time.
    Islamic teachings on this subject are based on the Qur'an, and on the specific sayings/traditions of the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), known as the hadith. In one often-cited tradition, it is reported that a young woman visited Muhammad's wife Aisha (RA) while she was wearing see-through clothing. Muhammad(PBUH) averted his eyes and told her, "After a young woman reaches the age of puberty, nothing should be seen of her except this and this," motioning to his face and hands. Therefore, it is expected at this age for Muslim girls to adapt more modest styles of dress that do not expose too much.


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