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    Default Worst Crime : Killing Kids For Revenge

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    Around two weeks back , I woke up to shocking news. A 4 year old kid was killed by two man who wanted to take revenge with kid's dad. The kid was brutally killed with his neck smashed by man hole's circular opening. The neck bone was broken and kid died due to injury. The boy was discovered by some people passing by and matter came to light.

    What was more shocking was incident which led to murder. One of murderers was racing his bike previous day and almost had hit the kid. Angry mother went to biker's home to scold her and was treated by abuses by biker and his brother. When father of kid returned , his wife narrated entire story. Then both parents went to biker's home to scold him. This resulted in angry argument and biker threatened to kill the child. Next day he implemented his threat and brutally murdered the kid.

    Another case was equally shocking which occurred six months back. This case involved a teacher who formed a team of his students. Team was made to belief that world is worst place to live in and the team needs to do something to change it. Now

    how did teacher influence the team to kidnap a boy and murder him is something which is still baffling. How could murder of kid change the world?. But the crime did occur and boy wad killed for revenge. Revenge for incident that occurred 10 years back!!!!!!

    Ten years back the teacher got involved in heated argument with brother of kid's father. Seeing his brother being bullied , the father intervened and in heat of moment slapped the teacher. Both brothers then forgot the entire episode but teacher didn't. He kept it alive in his mind . After ten years , he managed to get his son kidnapped and murdered him!!!!!!. Cost of slap?. Loosing one's child!!!!!!!!

    The shocking confession of teacher says that he could have killed father but that would not been proper revenge. By killing his son , he has left life time regret in his father's mind!!!!!!!

    In both above mentioned cases , murder was followed by incident of heated argument. Who would have known that argument could cost them with lives of their kins?. Who would have known that they would have to pay such an heavy price?.

    Two innocent lives were lost and fathers of both were left with grief and guilt. Guilt that their involvement in argument led to death of their children. But what is more disturbing is that people can kill innocent kids just for revenge. People can become inhuman in quest of taking revenge.

    It is tragic , sad , shocking that humans can go to such extent.
    ...being a human...



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