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    This is a True incident which happened during Graduation exams.

    Just one day before my Engineering exams me & my best friend were studying together at my room.

    And unfortunately, before sunset the Electricity of our room went off. And this is normal in our country India & usually within an hour it is restored.

    But this time it was more than two hours and we felt that something was wrong. So we planned to go to the nearby electricians to request them to have a look. But before leaving from home I said to my friend “Have trust in God, even though the chances are bleak”

    Unfortunately none of the electricians were ready to come and told us that it was a government fault and they cannot put their hands in it.

    So we planned to go to our relatives place. And as we were coming back home, we saw from outside that the window of our room was glowing. By God, the Electricity was restored miraculously.

    Moral: Nothing is impossible in life. Trust in God not only gives you peace of mind but also gives solutions to the problems of life!!
    ...being a human...

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