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    Default Seven Steps to Help You Learn Patience

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    1: Wait: The old advice to “count to 10 before you respond” is a great way to learn patience. Give yourself a chance to give your best response.

    2: Use Perspective: Put your impulses or desires in perspective—will it be important an hour from now or fifteen minutes from now? Most of them won't be.

    3. Self-understanding: If you are tempted to act on impulse, understand that the impulse is normal, but you don’t have to be run by it. Reactions and impulses are normal—it's how thoughtfully we act on them that counts.

    4: Take a longer view: If you’re reacting because someone upset you (e.g.: a friend who hurt your feelings) or then give a little prayer of thanks that it wasn't worse, say a blessing for your friend (who probably needs it) and you'll feel better. If you are tempted to break a resolution, pause a minute and consider your bigger goal—then decide if the momentary impulse is worth setting back your goal.

    5. Give yourself a break: If you act on an impulse before thinking about it, acknowledge that you did it, then forgive yourself and get back on track. If you find yourself acting impulsively a lot, then maybe your goal is too rigid, and you need to allow a little more room for yourself.

    6. Consider the source: Impulses are often a reaction to outside circumstances—for example, wanting dessert because it’s there, when you wouldn’t think of it otherwise. Make sure what you do is what you really want to do.

    7: Celebrate: Remember to celebrate your accomplishments and all the times you do what you intend to. Frequent small celebrations are a way to reward yourself for patience, and to increase your motivation to be even more patient.

    Learning patience is the surest way to be able to accomplish your goals and dreams

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